Leveraging Thought Leadership

As we entered lockdown, I sat down with Peter Winick and chatted about writing a book, how it made me feel and why I would recommend to anyone thinking about it.

The Only One Business Show

I share details of the book, on surviving and thriving in business in these tough market conditions. Enjoy the conversation and take some action.

United States of Dramerica

A great conversation, about dealing with the current market storm. Its a beautiful discussion about sales and whisky.

The Growth Complex Podcast

A great interview aimed at the younger market. Lots of information shared here. How to get the job of your dreams.

The Optimised Podcast

Listen to my interview with Nick Elvey, some words of wisdom from yours truly. I really enjoyed this conversation and I know you will take some great stuff from it also.

It's A Saleslife Podcast 1 and 2

Two episodes shot before and after the lockdown, so many nuggets of gold in here. Especially ideas on how you should behave during the lockdown. Make sure you have a pen and paper at the ready.

entrepreneur.com interview

Read the article in entrepreneur and make sure you buy the book for anyone who you want to make even better this year and every other year. Never has a book been more useful.

The Dropping Bombs Podcast

Two sales guys, bantering and discussing the real challenges of business. At times funny, at times thought provoking, a little adolescent - always real. No text book crap here.

My Wake Up Call Podcast

It‘s not often I get goosebumps, but this interview with Dr Mark Goulston has left me in a really happy state. I hope you enjoy it, there is some wonderful moments to share.

The Arab News Interview

I sat down with the Arab News team to share details about the book, and what it is like doing business in the Middle East.

The Entrepreneur Podcast

A great chat with Alan Taylor, sharing some of the insight into writing the book. Why Ink is so successful against the backdrop of a challenging market place.

Business Rockstars Interview

Watch my interview with Business Rockstars talking about Ink and the new book. Learn how I failed many times before I found success

Mr Magazine Interview

I share details of the book, on surviving and thriving in business in these tough market conditions. Enjoy the read, this is one of my favourite interviews to date.

The Brain and Brawn Podcast

Even with the flu, I share some magic with Ollie Berquez as we wax lyrical about doing business, being in business and how to live a full and exciting life.