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My name is Simon Leslie, this book is my story.

This is a book of inspirational advice, motivation and truths about surviving in global business. It’s a story through my own limitless perspective on life. I set out to prove that anything and everything is possible. It is a unique insight into building a sales empire. “I say give people the solution, there are already enough people focusing on problems.” It’s my story of living with the belief, that things just don’t need to make sense. I am equanimous and am a storyprenuer.

Buy the book, all the profits go to charity and I am sure you will enjoy at least one of the stories.

It will help you accelerate your performance in 2021

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What others said about the book


Driven, highly successful alpha males aren’t usually where we turn for emotional openness.  Simon is a rare exception. He opens up and shares how it has really been to create and run a world-class business. It is rare to deliver inspiration, and keep the magic alive through many successes and failures, over 25 years. His expertise and his honesty will inform and inspire you to keep moving beyond your perceived limits. 

Nick Williams, inspired leadership guide and best-selling author of seventeen books including The Work We Were Born To Do

Simon’s deep knowledge and cunning insight shared in this book, has allowed me and my community to take advantage of market opportunities  we never thought existed before knowing him.

Ken Rutkowski founder of METal International

“This incredible books sits at the intersection of Enjoyable and Educational. Simon Leslie has done an excellent job of capturing and sharing key sales and business principles that have helped him to build a phenomenal business and thrive during the incredible economic of political highs and lows of the last few decades. If you are in sales, in business or simply want to live a really interesting and fulfilling life, start now on page one.”

– Eric Edmeades Founder of WildFit and Author of One Talk Away

A great romp through the world and life of Simon Leslie. Valuable and honest lessons in life and business that apply to anyone in sales. Equally valuable to someone starting or scaling a business.

Steve Clarke

Author, Speaker and serial entrepreneur

“Simon Leslie is a man who definitely knows about life and business.  As an entrepreneur, he has set himself apart in the world of business, through his dedication, focus and resilience.

His new book is full of wit, wisdom and principles that will take your life and business to the next level”

Tim Storey

Author, Speaker and Life Coach


Full disclosure: I worked for Simon 10 years ago (for five successful years).
This book will cut straight to the chase of how to sell, why sales is important and what a good sales person can achieve.
He was a great mentor at the time and this book served as a reminder of why I used to hang on his every piece of advice. Some of it was duff, but the majority was sound!
This book is a ‘must’ for salespeople and a ‘should’ for anyone looking for some direction in their career.

Robin Phillips

The book was so much fun, open beyond what I expected and very much appreciate the way in which you bring everything to life. There are many books out there that give you the ‘text book’ answers in how to be happy, how to be successful and how to be great at sales, yet, do not empathise or fully understand all of the processes involved with the day to day grind of what people go through. This book brings to life how in which you can easily shake off old or even new bad habits which bring negativity and instead change them for the better. This book infects you with belief read it twice already! Thank you Simon Leslie.

S Bartsch

Disclaimer: I worked with Simon Leslie many years ago, these were some of the most life changing and inspirational moments in my life, my views are slightly biased but 100% my own.

Put the kettle on, make a brew and get out the jammy dodgers for a frank and honest conversational read taking you through the rapids of media, sales, business and life with someone who has been there and got many of the t-shirts.

Each chapter is a small vignette of inspirational gold relevant to an entry level sales rep to a CEO. It was great to be reminded of some of the Leslie wisdom, such as: the impact of incentives is not always apparent or immediate, get everyone to focus where they want to be in a years time (letter to yourself in a year), don’t get caught up in the details and just do (there is no try)…there is so much in each of the 33 chapters.

I have multiple takeaways from ‘There is no F in Sales’ that I will be applying to my own leadership and those under my charge. 100% worth a read on a slow Sunday to get ready and pumped for the week with new inspirational ideas to move yourself, team or business forward.

Kudos Simon for the openness and honesty of the narrative, looking forward to more from you in further ‘There is no F in…’ series.

Sarah O

What a read! What a book! What a man!
Simon interviewed me many years ago when Ink had 7 employees working in a small office in Battersea. I was newish to sales with just one sales job on my cv but Simon took a chance on me. What a ride it was.
I had the best 7 years working for Simon and Michael. Inspiring, compassionate, fun and generous are words that spring to mind but damn we worked hard.
The incentives were mind-blowing as was the commission structure which afforded 7 years of fabulous fun.
The book brings back brilliant memories of the company ethos but also reminds me of how I can use this invaluable advice now.
Such a wonderful and personal read with great tips, advice, motivation and honesty.
I am going to read the book again and savour every moment.
Well done Simon you are an inspiration and a wonderful person and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work for you, Michael and Ink.

Michael Serwa

Rarely can you categorise an informative book on sales as witty, but Simon has managed this and then some. He has such an incredibly unique insight, which not only makes the book an effortless read, but also makes the information easy to digest. If you’re looking for inspiration and a fresh perspective, I would definitely recommend giving this book a read.


Informative, funny and inspirational. Couldn’t put the book down until I’d finished it.

Karen Lee

Honest candid remarkable read. Nothing but admiration

W S Meisel

There are people who take the thoughts of others and polish them up and sell to others and make a living at it. Then there are others who are able to see what is missing and rush to fill it and take the rest of us on their shoulders to greater heights. The author is clearly in the second group. Simon takes a subject that has been dissected, analyzed, assessed, observed, commented on, critiqued, etc. ad nauseum – and absolutely uncover truths and insights that elude most of us. Having had the experience of collecting a library of books, articles, websites, speaker notes and the like – I was confident that there was nothing “new under the sun” when it came to selling skills and training on selling. Alas, I was mistaken (though no longer!).

This book takes insights, findings, research, and skills used by other disciplines and applies it to the fields of selling and buying in an innovative way – but never talks “down” to the reader and does not aim too high so that it no longer is an easy read. Written in a very accessible and conversational way, this is one book that I have already highlighted, dog-eared, and purchased for others to read. Simon is extremely funny in his writing as well …. great book couldn’t put it down !!

J M Marshall

A brilliant read, lots of common sense & great advice for life & sales!!

Anthony Azoury

I was one of the lucky few who knew Mr. Leslie from the very begining and worked with him on his first inflight that sparked a very successful journey ahead. the book will enrich anyone in the media business and help charities as well. God bless him for this amazing idea (he always supported charities) and he once told me, when someone makes it in life his true color shows (INDEED)

Martin Brackenbury

If you are in sales or if you are not this book is well worth a read, it will help you navigate the ups and downs of life . You will get half way through and say “so its not only me then, others have the same issues”.

Oh and BTW toy are changing someone else’s life as the money raised goes to two different charities, doing yourself some good and someone else.

Nick Elvery

A fantastic book. A real fresh perspective and well worth a read.